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The Yin & the Yang

The Yin and the Yang



Yin & Yang is a Daoist principle, the two always complement each other. Yin does not exist without yang and yang does not exist without yin. Without the night there would be no day and without the day there would be no night. Both opposites are necessary to form a unity. If both parts are even, there is a equilibrium - a balance.



Yang stands for the male and extroverted principle, the day, the light, the fire or the summer. Yin stands for the feminine and accepting principle, the night, the shadow, the water or the winter. When it changes from day to night during sunset, it changes from yang to yin or, in other words, yin arises from yang and when day comes again, yang grows from yin. Both sides contain a small seed of the other. They are constantly merging into one another. One always contains a small part of the other. Every man has a feminine side and every woman has a masculine side.

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